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The Versatile Stirrer Up To 50 kg

MXT 100

MXT 100 Handy paint mixer with extremely ergonomic design balances the load on workers hands while mixing wide range of liquids like paint, epoxy, bitumen, small batches of cement. This tool is nearly maintenance free with occasional change of brushes. The machine is supplied along with well balanced 140 mm strirrer with 3 blades.

  • Mixing of building materials with middle and high viscosity, e.g. filler and leveling compounds,tile cement, ready-mixed mortar and plaster, screed
  • Drywall construction, tiler, plaster, civil engineering, landscaping
  • Electronic switch - stepless speed regulation for less splashing
  • M 14 female direct stirrer connection effective power transmission, high concentricity
  • Cap with labyrinth guide protection aganist dust, dirt, stones, splash water
  • Optional accessory of paddles mixing avaliable on special requirement.
  • Rated Voltage(V) : 220-240
  • Power Input (W) : 1,100
  • Max. Basket Diameter (mm) : 140
  • Spindle Connection : M 14 i
  • Rated Speed (rpm) : 0 - 580
  • Weight (Kg) : 4
  • Service Sheet
  • User Manual